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Harare Scale Services (Pvt) Ltd Company was established in May 1994 and operated from number 34 Harare Street, Harare until January 2012 when we relocated to our present address. Our present location offers easy and secure access when compared to our previous location of 18 years.

The managing Director Derek Lakey has 36 years experience in the weighing machine industry, having qualified as a scale technician with Avery Birmingham, United Kingdom, under their local agent South African Scale Company back in 1980. Harare Scales as it is popularly known, retail, repair and calibrate all types of mechanical and digital scales across the entire spectrum of the weighing industry. These include micro and analytical balances with an accuracy or readability of up to four decimal places to road and rail weighbridges up to 100tonnes with an accuracy of 50kg. The company also manufactures pedal operated heat sealing machines, stainless steel butcher’s tables and vinophane clingwrap machines at our fabrication department. We also undertake the repairs to all types of butchery equipment including meat band saws, mincers, tenderisers, bowl cutters and cold meat slicing machines to name a few.

Our customers vary extensively from the farming community to the manufacturing sector with a host of smaller businesses in between including supermarket chains and major franchise establishments. We have previously done business with the national railways of Mozambique, namely CFM Beira as well as various business entities in Zambia. Our client data base before the infamous land aquisitions of 2000 was in excess of 5000 customers, most of whom were from the commercial farming sector and downstream industries.

Despite an ever shrinking local economy, Harare Scales have adapted to change and downsized their operations considerably albeit for the benefit of lower service charges and very competitive prices due to reduced overheads.

Our motto “Your Decision! Our Precision!’ suggests that we will endeavour to satisfy your equipment needs as precisely as possible whilst ensuring optimum value for money.

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